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How to Safely Dispose Of and Recycle Briquette Charcoal

In using charcoal briquettes as fuel, there are certainly many people who are still confused in determining how to dispose of and even how to recycle the briquette charcoal that has been used. Charcoal briquettes are a popular fuel, especially for outdoor enthusiasts, because of their simplicity and resilience. However, many people tend to leave the briquetted charcoal after use before it is safely disposed of or recycled. Charcoal briquettes that are left after their use have a high probability of damaging and negatively impacting the environment. With the possibility of environmental damage, it is important for charcoal briquettes owners to understand how to safely dispose of and recycle used charcoal briquettes. In this article, Nadaline Global International has summarised in detail the several ways to dispose and recycle .

How to Dispose of Charcoal Briquettes Safely

After using charcoal briquettes, it is important to dispose of them safely, especially for those who use charcoal briquettes in outdoor areas because outdoor use will allow fires and environmental damage if charcoal briquettes are not disposed of safely. Here are some safe methods and ways to make charcoal briquettes:

  1. Let the Charcoal Cool Perfectly

    Some time after the use of course briquette charcoal can not be directly disposed of, briquette charcoal that has just been used still has a fire that has the potential to cause a fire if it is not ensured to be extinguished completely. Therefore, it is important to let the briquette charcoal that has just been used to be able to extinguish completely by itself.

  2. Choose a Fireproof Container

    After ensuring that the charcoal briquettes that have been used do not leave any flickering flames, the next step is to put the charcoal briquettes into a fireproof or non-combustible container. A fireproof container such as a metal bucket, or any other container designed to dispose of briquette charcoal residue will make it safer to dispose of the briquette charcoal.

  3. Do not throw it in the regular rubbish bin

    Source: wikihow.com

Last but not least, it is important for charcoal briquette users to know that used charcoal briquettes should not be thrown into the regular rubbish bin. This waste has the potential to cause fires, so it is important to provide a special bin to dispose of the remaining briquette charcoal.

Recycling Briquette Charcoal

Besides choosing to throw away the briquetted charcoal that has been used, we can also choose to recycle the briquetted charcoal for reuse. Recycling is a great way to conserve precious natural resources. Here are some types of briquette charcoal recycling that you can do.

  1. Compost Fertiliser

    In the process of recycling charcoal briquette remains into compost, the used charcoal briquette remains can be crushed into small flakes which can later be added into the existing compost fertilizer mix. The process of adding charcoal briquette residue into compost will increase the carbon level in the compost so that the fertilization process can be even better.

  2. As a material for producing Biochar

    Source: savvyhomemade.com
  3. Soap Making or Beauty Products

    Source: groworganic.com

Recently, many beauty products have featured charcoal as the main ingredient, not only because it can recycle charcoal briquettes into a product, but also because the benefits of charcoal on skin health cannot be underestimated. Charcoal is believed to have dirt and oil absorption on the face, so charcoal is very popular, especially for body and face health.


Now that we know how to dispose of and even recycle briquette charcoal, it is important for us charcoal briquette consumers to not only be able to use briquette charcoal for our activities but to be more conscious of disposing of and utilising the remaining briquette charcoal that we have used so that it does not have the potential to be a negative impact on our environment. 

If you need a quality supply of charcoal briquettes, PT Nadaline Global International is your trusted option as an importer of charcoal briquettes from Indonesia. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, PT Nadaline Global International strives to provide high quality charcoal briquettes that are environmentally friendly.

Let’s take a step towards a better environment by practising safe disposal and recycling of used charcoal briquettes. By doing so, we can contribute to keeping our environment clean, safe and sustainable for a better future.



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