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Nadaline Care Sustainable Environment

Every step we take today will have an impact on the future. We strongly encourage revolutionary changes in our industry by promoting Nadaline Care Sustainable Environment.

We aim to create an environment where our team can thrive, deliver outstanding performance, support the communities that know us well, and ensure the protection and enhancement of the environment.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Coverage

In conducting our business, we place great emphasis on environmental sustainability, including our regular CSR reporting activities. The CSR program is an investment from the company for its growth and sustainability, not merely seen as a means of seeking profit or as a cost center, but rather as a means of achieving profit and as a profit center.

The CSR program signifies the company's commitment to supporting the creation of sustainable development. The following are some of the activities we undertake as part of CSR.

Providing social assistance to employee families and offering scholarships to outstanding employee children.

Constructing places of worship near the company premises.

Raising awareness about maintaining the quality of raw materials from selection to packaging among employees.

Ensuring safety measures for all employees while on duty, including providing long-sleeved T-shirts with the Nadaline logo and organizing video/photo sessions.