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What to do with Charcoal Briquette Ash

Charcoal briquettes are a solid fuel contains calories, and can cover some creative ideas for making effective use of charcoal briquette ash..

Charcoal briquettes are a solid fuel that contains carbon, has high calories, and can burn for a long time and is often used for cooking and grilling because of its practicality. However, after use, there will usually be ash left from the burnt briquettes. Instead of just throwing this ash away, it turns out that charcoal briquette ash has several practical and environmentally friendly benefits. In this article, we’ll cover some creative ideas for making effective use of charcoal briquette ash.

1. Soil Improvement and Fertilizer

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Charcoal briquette ash contains alkaline properties which can help balance the pH level of the soil. If the soil in your garden is acidic, applying this ash to the soil can be a valuable addition. In addition, charcoal briquette ash also contains important nutrients such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are beneficial for plant growth. Make sure the ashes have cooled completely before use and mix them into the soil sensibly to avoid getting too alkaline.

2. Compost Booster


If you have a compost pile, add a little charcoal briquette ash to speed up the process of breaking down a substance or organism into a simpler form, which is called decomposition. This ash helps remove bad odors and increases decay rates. However, use ashes judiciously, as overuse can upset the balance of the compost.

3. Midges


Charcoal briquette ash has abrasive properties which are effective as natural pest repellents. You can spread a thin layer of this ash around your plants and garden beds to keep away slugs, slugs and some insects. With its abrasive texture, this ash will deter pests from passing through, keeping your plants safe and protected.

4. Deodorizing


If you have a problem with bad odors in your home, try placing the bowl filled with charcoal briquette ash in an area where smells are common, such as near the trash can or in a damp-smelling cupboard. The ash will absorb and reduce odors over time, leaving your room fresher. This is because charcoal briquette ash comes from activated charcoal which has a large pore structure and a high internal surface area, because of these properties charcoal briquette ash is able to adsorb various gas molecules around it. However, this does not last long so the charcoal briquette ash needs to be replaced periodically every 1-3 months depending on the situation.

5. Barbecue Equipment Cleaner


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Charcoal briquette ash can be used to clean barbecue equipment ranging from grills to even barbecue racks that have food residue and burnt oil. You only need to rub the ash evenly over the surface of the equipment that is still warm because the abrasiveness of the charcoal briquette ash is able to remove tough stains without damaging the barbecue equipment.

So, after you use charcoal briquettes for cooking or grilling, don’t rush to throw away the ashes left over from burning. Take advantage of the creative ideas above to give charcoal briquette ash a second chance. From improving garden soil to repelling pests and a variety of other practical uses, charcoal briquette ash can provide valuable additional benefits. So, start using and recycling charcoal briquette ash wisely for a better impact on the environment. Good luck!

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